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Today I’m frantically throwing books into a suitcase to head off to the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton at Ungodly O’clock tomorrow morning, travelling up with Gareth L Powell, Emma Newman and Jonathan L Howard as a kind of West Country Posse, and hoping Ack-Ack Macaque doesn’t eat all the car snacks before we reach Southampton.

I’m not on programme, but I’m hoping to see Susan Cooper and a couple of the panels. I’m actually hoping to spend a lot of time in the bar, drinking and chatting and drinking and meeting new people and drinking and catching up with old friends and drinking and signing things people thrust at me and drinking…

*liver grumbles in protest*

Come and say hello – I’m the least scary person in the world, and I’m likely to be with my lovely editor, Sammy from Kristell Ink, who is also not scary 🙂

I don’t have social media on my phone (I barely have phone on my phone) so things might be dark here and on Twitter for a few days. This is because I’m having such a fabulous time I’ve forgotten all about you / drunk / unable to access hotel wifi / networking and working hard and professionally – that’s the one!

If you’re going, hope to see you there! If not, I promise to come back and tell you all the things I remember.

(There was a bar. There was definitely vodka…. that might be it.)

Stay safe, lovely bloggies! See you on the other side!