Geek Out South West on the power of Fandom 🙂

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Hello one and all to an article that I’m calling “The power of fans”.

This is going to discuss (briefly) the power and even in some cases “responsibilities” that fans of a series or fans or an art has. Yes, fans are important and yet, some companies choose not to draw on the power of their fans, instead drawing on money! This doesn’t sit well with me.

Okay, now let’s seriously get into it.

What’s afan?

No, it’s not a bunch of blades around an electrical motor spinning right round, baby. A fan in context of a company/interest is someone who actively promotes their products/hobbies in a good way. Fans also kind of have a two way process. You are a fan of something, you feel you are entitled to an opinion about what you are a fan of. If you disagree with something your particular company, artist, developer…

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