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Andy Fairchild from the Cult Den was kind enough to write a really nice review of “Art of Forgetting : Rider” on the website, and followed it up with an interview where I got to expand on some of the themes in the book (interview contains traces of spoiler, if you’re allergic, but the review is spoiler free!)

You can find the interview here :


and the review here :


“It’s an excellent “rites-of-passage” story set in a well thought out fantasy world”, which is rather lovely. Thanks to Andy for the review and the interview!

In other news, I will be on the BBC Radio Bristol breakfast show at 7.45 tomorrow talking about the climate of Middle Earth. Luckily, I will be doing this down the phone so I don’t have to go out in the cold or even get dressed, so you may have the pleasure of listening to me pontificate in my pyjamas (they have Animal from the Muppets on them, if your imagination needs any assistance.) If I get a link to it I’ll post it here so you can all listen!