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It’s kind of gloomy and unfestive outside at the moment, which is really the perfect weather for curling up with a good book.  I have a couple of reviews up on other sites at the moment, this one :


at Over the Effing Rainbow, of “The Oathbreaker’s Shadow” by Amy McCulloch, which would have been in my Books of the Year if I’d read it a week earlier.

And this one :


of “Hive Monkey” by Gareth L Powell at Fantasy Faction, which is (already) one of my highlights of NEXT year – it’s officially out on Jan 2nd in the UK.

Remember, books make great presents! I have a thirteen year old godson who’s getting “Hive Monkey” for Christmas, and a ten year old god-daughter who’s getting “The Chronicles of Chrestomanci” by Diana Wynne Jones, because DWJ had a formative influence on me when I was ten, and I grew up perfectly sane and well-rounded….

(I wasn’t so well-rounded before I ate all those mince pies, mind…)

If you want to see how well-rounded I am in the flesh, come to the Shakespeare Tavern on Prince Street, Bristol TONIGHT to hear me deliver the world-premiere reading from the second half of “The Art of Forgetting” – renowned short story writer Kevlin Henney is reading as well and it’s going to be a lot of fun.

You can find more information on the Facebook page here :


Hope to see you there!