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Catchup time on the blog today, because I’ve been being a bit British and failing to blow my own trumpet…

Trumpet“The Art Of Forgetting : Rider” has been nominated for TWO (count them, I know you won’t!) awards – hurray! They are:

The 2013 Bisexual Book Award (I didn’t even know there was such a thing…) is an award presented by the Bi Writers Association, and the winners are announced in May.

“Bisexual books have few opportunities for recognition, even at LGBT book awards,” says Bi Writers Association founder Sheela Lambert. “Last year there was only one bisexual category at one LGBT book awards. Bisexual books deserve more attention than that, so we created our awards in order to shine a spotlight on them. In addition to recognizing books and authors for their achievements, the Bisexual Book Awards process creates a complete annual list of bisexual books for readers, and encourages more bisexual books to be written and published.”


So that’s rather lovely.

In the same vein, but slightly better known, “Rider” is also up for a Lambda Award (A Lammy) in the SF and F category.


I have no anticipation of winning, but it’s really nice to be nominated 🙂 It means a lot to me that people have been touched by the book in some way.

In other news, my smashing publishers Kristell Ink are having a rather splendid giveaway on their Facebook page. All you have to do is Like the KI Facebook and share the image before December 20th, and you could be randomly picked to win FIVE KI e-books – how good is that?

Linkage is HERE :


Scroll down to December 13th for the image and get liking and sharing!