Paige Daniels highlights some books published by Kristell Ink here, if you’re thinking of spending your Christmas money….

The Nerdy Paige

How was your Christmas? Did you get a bunch of cool stuff like a Kindle? Well, may I suggest some fine reading material from my awesome publisher Kristell Ink? They have a fine array of material for the most discerning science fiction and / or fantasy fan. Take a looksie below:

book coverNon-Compliance: The Sector – This one was written by your truly and is on sale currently at Amazon. If you like a fast paced action adventure thriller jammed packed with MacGyver-like antics and government conspiracies then this is your book. Here’s the back of the book blurb – Shea Kelly had a brilliant career in technology, but after refusing to implant an invasive government device in her body she was sent to a modern day reservation: a Non-Compliance Sector, a lawless community run by thugs and organized crime. She’s made a life for herself as a resourceful barkeep…

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