Livejournal user saare_snowqueen has been kind enough to write a review of “The Art of Forgetting : Rider” on her blog, the appropriately titled “Memories of Lives Left Behind”.

She says :

“I read a lot of fantasy fiction – surprise, surprise – and in so many of these, the characters retain a predictable flatness. Each has a role in advancing the plot, but precious little in the way of genuinely individual characteristics. This is not the case with The Art of Forgetting – Book One: Rider. Here each of the young men struggling toward maturity has a distinct voice and personality. For a change, the people are as important as the plot. Ms Hall has the gift of making me care deeply about these young men….”

You can read the full review here :


Zoe and I are around halfway through editing Volume 2 : Nomad, and it’s going very well, look out for a cover reveal soon!