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I’ve been a bit circumspect with revealing the cover for “Nomad” in all its snowy glory because I knew those lovely chaps and chappesses at Fantasy Faction were going to do a cover and blurb reveal, which they have now done – many thanks to Marc for that!

If you hop over there you can see the big-ass version of the front cover, and read the blurb and the other kind things they had to say 🙂 The cover was drawn by Evelinn Enoksen, and lettered by Ken Dawson.


BTW, if you’re a regular reader here and you for some reason haven’t checked out Fantasy Faction you should remedy that forthwith. It’s ok, I’ll wait…

So, exciting things are happening round these parts. Of course, it means that the pressure to finish the editing is well and truly ON now…

And I’ll tell you what – if I reach 800 Twitter followers by the end of April I’ll let you see the back cover too! Can’t say fairer than that!

(If you tweet and you’re not following me it’s @hierath77 – somewhat inevitably. I talk about word counts and cake and dogs and sometimes about the weird smells in my house…)