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Yesterday I trotted down town to be interviewed by Cheryl Morgan for her Women’s Outlook show on Ujiima Radio. As always, I though of half-a-dozen brilliant things to say, and, as always, I thought of them when I was halfway home on the bus (esprit d’escalier is my middle name, or at least it should be.) Cheryl asked a whole bunch of interesting questions and hopefully I answered them in a way that was halfway coherent.

The guest Cheryl had on before me was Dr Olivette Otele from Bath Spa University, who is an expert on the history of slavery, and it was a fascinating discussion and well worth listening to. She was also lovely enough to play some Bat for Lashes for me – Cheryl has banned me from choosing my own music in case I choose the Manics, which I think is an illustration of how well she knows me…

You can listen to the whole show, and read Cheryl’s thoughts on it, by clicking over to her website, which is here :


It was a lot of fun, I like doing radio and Cheryl makes it easy and not-scary; it makes all the difference being interviewed by a good friend. So thanks to Cheryl for her hostliness!

Now I have TWO DAYS to recover before all the launch fun on Saturday! *kermitflails*

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