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Launch Day for “Art of Forgetting : Nomad”, and the forecast is rainy with gusts of panic and a chance of cake later, and I’m kermitflailing like a good ‘un because what if no one comes and what if everyone hates it, and whatifwhatifwhatif…

Deep breaths all round. It’s going to be fine… It’s a Saturday lunchtime (Ipm in Forbidden Planet, Bristol – on The Triangle), and I’ve found a reading with only mild swearing and violence in case there are Small Impressionables in the shop and afterwards we can go to the Brass Pig and get a DRINK (or several).

It’s not listed on Amazon yet but as soon as it is I’ll let you know.

So, fingers crossed all round, for better weather (unlikely), for people buying books (possible) and for cake (pretty much guaranteed, as I’m buying some as well.

Wish me luck!