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So, “The Art of Forgetting : Nomad” is OUT NOW – the paperbacks have yet to be processed by Amazon but the ebooks are up all over the place, and yesterday we had a little shindig in the Bristol Branch of Forbidden Planet to celebrate. And there was Cake, and it was Good. A LOT of cake (and biscuits. And banana bread (well, Pat was there…)) In Cheryl’s words, a veritable tsunami of cake – a cakenami, if you like. Which is absolutely the right amount of cake to have…

Forbidden Planet did a brilliant job looking after me – Des had made a display table of books with a cover that could be whisked off like a magician unveiling a rabbit from a hat. I read a short extract from the book, and managed not to swear – even remembering to replace the swear words with something less offensive because my beloved god-children were in the shop causing chaos and eating all the biscuits. Jasmine – if you’re reading this, the next one is for you and yes, you will be allowed to read it, because by the time it comes out you’ll be old enough…

We sold 24 books, including five copies of “Rider” to people who were smart and wonderful enough to buy both books 😉 These are people who deserve cake. There are still five copies of “Rider” and around thirty copies of “Nomad” in store, all signed, and I’m sure some of them will be whizzing off to other branches of FP around the country, so watch out for them!

Reading at the launch :

Zen and the Art of Reading with Your Eyes Closed - photo by Kevlin Henney

Zen and the Art of Reading with Your Eyes Closed – photo by Kevlin Henney


I also have an interview up with the lovely Fran Jacobs over on her blog, where I talk about world building, the way “The Art of Forgetting” has been received, discoverability, and why I’m so mean to my characters!

You can read that here :


But what you really want to know about is where you can get your hands on this here book, don’t you? Apart from Forbidden Planet, you are able to walk into Waterstones or any other reputable or disreputable bookstore and order it if it’s not on the shelves already.

The ISBN for “The Art of Forgetting : Nomad” is 978-1-909845-36-7 – take that number into your local bookstore and they should be able to order it more easily.

AMAZON LINKS – I know we’re all mad at Amazon because of the Hatchette business, but if you do like to shop at Amazon I’m not going to moan at you :



And don’t forget the Ebook of Rider is still FREE on Amazon for the next few days…




BOOK DEPOSITORY (Even though Amazon own TBD *sigh* )


I’m sure there will be Barnes and Noble and Kobo links coming soon!


The Goodreads page for “Nomad” is :


Go give it some love!

Talking of love, I got home last night to find a GR Five-Star review for “Eagle of the Kingdom” from the lovely Stephen Blake, which was awesome – even reviewing the older books is good and beneficial, so please consider leaving a few words…


Phew, that was a lot of links! More updates as I get them – enjoy the book!