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Hi all,

Busy day on the blog today, thanks to yesterday’s #yesallwomen post which has sent the blog stats into the stratosphere. It’s something that needed to be said, and whilst I was a bit worried about posting so far it hasn’t (touch wood) received the negative reaction I anticipated. And if it helps one person, then that’s a good thing.

Elsewhere on the Internet, the reviews for Nomad are beginning to trickle in. YA author R B Harkess has given it a five-star review on Goodreads, where he says :

“…In Nomad there is a sense of maturity, of fullness. The plot is one of being forced to reconsider ones beliefs, of growing acceptance evolving into deep belonging, and finally into Rhodri changing the world to protect that which is his. I get flavours of Robin Hobb, but also strong parallels with The Last Samurai and Dances with Wolves…”

You can read the whole review here :

And Martha Hubbard has posted a review (with spoilers for both books, so be warned) on her blog, the awesomely titled “Memories of Lives Left Behind” :
She says :

“…The writing throughout is vivid and forceful; the plotting and world-building, top notch. The main characters, as well as the secondary, are well-crafted and believable, and with the exception of the reprehensible Drusain, engaging and likeable. But every story needs a villain, so he might as well be an absolute bastard….”

Don’t forget you can pick up “Nomad” from all reputable booksellers (as well as Amazon), and “Rider” is still free as an ebook across all the big platforms until the end of May.

Meanwhile back in Bristol-land, I’ll be appearing with Scott Lewis and Pete Sutton, who both contributed to Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion, at Word of Mouth at The Thunderbolt, 124 Bath Road, Bristol on Wednesday June 4th from 7.30. This is a FREE event – all welcome! I might also be making an appearance at the Frome Steampunk Faire this coming Saturday, but that’s as yet unconfirmed – I’ll let you know!