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The summer is whizzing by far too quickly and Convention Season will be on us in a few short weeks. I’m not going to Nine Worlds (8-10 August – https://nineworlds.co.uk/ ) but you will be able to find copies of Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion on the All Of The Books table in the Vendor Room (Commonwealth West), along with books published by Kristell Ink (including mine.)

My books will not be having fun without me at FantasyCon ( 5-7 September – http://www.fantasycon2014.org/ ) because I will be there, mooching about, lurking in the bar and possibly appearing on a panel – more details as and when I get them!

And of course I will be at BristolCon (Oct 25th – www.bristolcon.org ) – please do come up and say hello if you see me at an event – I’m not scary and I like meeting people, but I am a bit shy!