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Kristell Ink parent company Grimbold books have launched a Kickstarter to make their 2015 catalogue even more fabulous and to get the word out to many more people. Sammy and Zoe have been running the company for thee years, and they’ve poured a lot of their own money into it (round of applause for Sammy and Zoe!) But now they want to take things to the next level, and to do that they could do with some help from YOU.

In their own words :

Grimbold Books is a fledgling international publishing house looking to publish the very best science fiction, fantasy and dark fiction. Books are our passion, and we’re committed to publishing a select few titles a year. By focusing on a small number, we are able to build solid relationships with our authors and work with them every step of the way, from manuscript editing through to marketing and platform building, ensuring that the final product is the very best it can be.

Founded in 2013 by Sammy H.K Smith and Zoë Harris, Grimbold Books has published twenty distinct and wonderful pieces of work. 
With dedicated imprints, such as Kristell Ink and Tenebris Books, we have novels nominated for the Lambda literary awards, the International Rubery Book Award, the Indie Book Awards, and the People’s Choice award. Each title has brought something special to Grimbold, and with it, incredibly talented authors who share our passion for team work and our long-term goals.

Our Kickstarter campaign will help us continue to publish the high quality and exciting titles you’ve read so far, but with the added bonus of allowing us to tap in and reach previously unattainable marketing resources. We want to put our titles on the same blogger ARC (advanced reader copy) websites as bigger presses, giving us potentially thousands more readers and reviewers. We’re confident in both our books and our authors, and we want to continue to give them the best chance at exposure during these incredibly tough publishing times. 

A proportion of the Kickstarter fund will be used to advertise our books in magazines and webzines, and also to enter the titles in more prestigious national competitions. It will also enable us to keep a healthy stock of paperbacks at Grimbold HQ for conventions, reviewers and direct sales. The more copies of our books we can get into readers’ hands, the better. We don’t want to be an e-book only press, we want to continue to cater for traditional paperback readers, as well as those who love the smell of…uhhh…e-readers 🙂
We’d also love to expand our catalogue by taking on more titles and authors; with the funds we hope to raise on Kickstarter, we would be able to achieve this by outsourcing more editing, production and design work. Grimbold receives so many high quality manuscripts, and selecting the very best is both a pleasure and a nightmare. We want to be able to say ‘yes’ to more books, and we hope you can help. 



Watch the video, feel inspired, follow the link, check out the rewards on offer, feel greedy, pledge!

Grimbold Hoodies

Grimbold notebooks

The rewards are fab, there are books, t-shirts, hoodies, beautiful notebooks, the warm fuzzy feeling of having helped people out… and they’re all named after famous literary cats, so just choose your favourite!

You can pledge as little as a pound, and every penny will go towards getting more high-quality books into the hands of more readers. So please feel free to get involved!