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356fohThe deployment of Professor Farnsworth is to celebrate the fact that the Grimbold Kickstarter is over 50% funded with 32 days to go – thank you to everyone who has generously made pledges so far, you’re all awesome. If you haven’t been able to support us yet, well that’s fine too, but if you can find it in your heart to spare a quid or two that would be lovely. Every pound brings us closer to the total and it really does make a difference.

Why it matters.

Aside from the fact that if you pledge you get fabulous rewards, you mean? And you do – pledging as little as a fiver will get you TWO free ebooks from the Grimbold back catalogue, many of which have been reviewed on this here blog, so I can testify to their goodness. The goodies only get better as you scroll down the list – the notebooks are particularly lovely – and there are a range of rewards to choose from, including paperbacks, hoodies, unique artwork, and at the top end of the range exclusive Skype sessions with KI authors and editors for your book group, and manuscript critique, paddy-paws-ed over by Grim and Bold themselves, a bit like this…

Cats paw prints on mssSo that’s what you gain directly. Indirectly, what it means for me as a Grimbold author, and for the other authors on the label, is more ways of getting our stuff to you. It means more ARCS so more copies of the books can go out to reviewers. It means more giveaways, and more interesting promotional stuff. It means more hardbacks, more audiobooks, large print books in libraries for the benefit of partially-sighted readers, special collector’s editions of books. It means Grimbold can take on more high-quality authors, and not have to turn people down because of lack of resources, which means more good books on the shelves.

Essentially, if you’re a fan of Kristell Ink or Tenebris as an imprint, or if you’re a fan of any of the authors signed to Grimbold, then by supporting our Kickstarter you’re actually doing yourself a favour in the long run because it will mean more and better books, more and better merchandise, more freebies, more cake (maybe), free dragon egg with each purchase*, just MORE GOOD STUFF. And we all want more good stuff!

And if you really can’t spare a pound or two, then perhaps you could consider sharing this post, which won’t cost you a penny but will still earn you good karma… πŸ™‚

Thanks for listening.

*according to Joel Cornah, may not actually be true…

UPDATED – 22/08/2014
We are now 66% funded with 25 days to go – the dream is within our grasp! Can you spare a few pounds and help make it a reality?