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Thank you so so much to all of you who have shared posts, retweeted, liked, and pledged to the Grimbold Kickstarter – you are all stars.

The great news is that we are now 115% funded with an incredible £3248, and we still have 22 days to go, so if you haven’t pledged yet you haven’t missed out! This means the funding is guaranteed and Grimbold can do all sorts of incredible things that you will love, that were simply out of reach before, and that’s all down to YOU – give yourself a round of applause 🙂

And that’s not all. Sammy has announced a series of stretch goals to aim for, so yet again, every pound you pledge really will be going towards something good and important.

Stretch Goals

£3800 – Guarantee all our present and future titles for the partially sighted with large print editions and audiobooks with great voice artists – this one means a lot to me, as I have good friends who are visually impaired.

£4300 – Hardback copies of our most successful titles, with beautiful commissioned internal illustrations.

£4800 – Funding for a further five titles.

Also, if we hit these targets, those that are receiving physical items will receive further ‘thank you’ gifts.

£3800 – Grimbold pen

£4300 – A mug

£4800 – An entire set of Giclée prints from our Steampunk anthology ‘ Strange Tales from the Scriptorian Vaults’.


So there’s still plenty to aim for, and plenty of additional goodies on offer!

If you want to pledge, or at least check out the current perks to pledging (paperbacks, ebooks, hoodies, notebooks, prints – the rewards get increasingly fabulous…) please check out the Grimbold Kickstarter page :


 Thank you all for your generous pledges so far; let’s see how much further we can get!