Tricia Sullivan has some very wise words about self-promotion on here blog today ….

Tricia Sullivan

There has been some talk lately about authors and awards, and whether it is a good thing to post about the awards your work may be eligible for in the year gone by, or not. The blog that sparked me to write this was Alastair Reynolds’ but I don’t want to get into the area that Alastair addresses, about the way people fight online. And I’m not even thinking about awards. It’s just that reading different views on the subject has made me think about self-promotion when it comes to myself.

When I started out as a writer there wasn’t a whole lot of internet to shake around in, and the only piece of self-promotion advice I can recall being given was the suggestion to have bookmarks printed with an image from one’s new book cover, to give away at conventions (which I did not do, because I was lazy). There…

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