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You only have 33 hours left (as of 10am on Monday Sept 15th) to pledge to the fantastic Grimbold Books Kickstarter, so don’t hang about!


The Kickstarter has already raised an AMAZING £4000, thank you so much to everyone who has pledged so far!

We have already reached our first stretch goal of being able to guarantee all our present and future titles will be available for the partially sighted with large print editions and audiobooks with great voice artists.

And we’re only £300 off the second stretch goal, of being able to publish hardback copies of our most successful titles, with beautiful commissioned internal illustrations.

If you pledge, as well as contributing to A Good Thing, you can also get heaps of goodies from t-shirts and hoodies to e and paperback books, illustrations, limited edition hardbacks – a whole range of exciting stuff!

But the clock is ticking now…