This Monday, 22nd September 2014, the BristolCon Fringe event is being invaded by Kraken (more than one, to be clear – the plural of Kraken is Kraken).

In October 2013 the Bristol Literary Festival hosted a workshop in which writers were invited to write a story in just 24 hours, with support from six authors. The stories were entered into a competition, and the top ten were published, in world-record-breaking time, by Angry Robot Books.  Details are here.

We have five of those intrepid Krakeneers here to read their stories for you:  Ian MillstedScott Lewis, Rosie Oliver, Kevlin Henney and Piotr Świetlik, who blogs about it here.

As always, the readings take place in the inestimable Shakespeare Inn on Prince Street, Bristol, and proceedings commence at 7:30pm. Hopefully their new coffee machine will have arrived by then… 🙂