BristolCon is three weeks today (zoinks!) and in the last couple of days we have finally released our packed programme, which features weird sex, bloody death, freaky aliens, killer cats, as well as the addition of a Games Room and Small Group Sessions with Interesting People (more on them soon). You can find the programme here :


As well as rushing about like a fart in colander, you can also catch me on two panels and doing a short reading of something.

Here’s where I’ll be at any given time :

10am – Programme Room One : Discoverability & Representation:

How do we, as fans, overcome the Amazon effect, and the narrow selection available on booksellers’ SF&F tables, and support new writers and artists breaking through? – We know the booksellers are working on it but what can we do, both as individuals and as a collective of genre fans, writers and industry professionals?

with Jessica Rydill (Mod), Joanne Hall, Rob Haines, Del Lakin-Smith, Emma Newman

10.50-10.55 – Reading

13.00 – Programme Room Two : Influences on Authors:

Panelists talk about the things and people who’ve been the greatest influences on their work.

with Paul Cornell (Mod), Joanne Hall, John Baverstock, Tricia Sullivan, Piotr Świetlik

I will also be taking part in the Mass Signing at lunchtime – which might be the only hour of the day when I’m sitting down – I hope you’ll come and say hello!

Meg has put together a brilliant programme and it looks like it’s going to be a great day – there’s still time to sign up on the website so if you’re in two minds about coming along check out the programme and see if it tempts you…