Interesting thoughts from a novice reviewer’s point of view from Mitriel Faywood. Personally, I review things I enjoy and would like to recommend to others, or things that I maybe haven’t enjoy as much but that have left me with a lot to think about. There are lots of spaces on the internet you can go to read negative reviews, they’re easy to find, but I like to emphasis the positive and highlight the stuff I’ve enjoyed.
As for receiving reviews – yes please, always, the more the merrier… 😉

Mitriel Faywood

GANDALFI never used to write reviews, I never used to care. I mean there are billions of the thing online already everywhere, written obviously by people who are more qualified to do so, who know this stuff better, who know what to say and how. Who would care what little me thought of a book, anyhow? What if it’s not even right, right? I might have misread something, after all or forgotten half of it already? So to save time, energy and some very likely embarrassment why not just leave this to those who can do it…

And I was very comfortable with this worldview of mine, until one day I came across this strange, eccentric fellow, who happened to be the first author I met online, and who really did want to know what people thought of his books. Even me!

Well, hell. Technically I haven’t even read them…

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