In Summer 2015 Kristell Ink will be releasing Fight Like A Girl, an anthology of kick-arse stories of fantasy and SF combat, all written by women. I’m helping out on the publishing side, which is new and scary and exciting, so I’m crossing my fingers and desperately hoping I don’t screw up…

The anthology will be edited by Mhairi Simpson (Tales of Eve, Fox Spirit), and will feature work from, among others, Juliet McKenna, Lou Morgan, Francis Knight, Gaie Sebold, Kim Lakin-Smith and Danie Ware (This is both awesome and terrifying 🙂 ). Cover art will be by Sarah Anne Langton, who does the covers of the Fox Pockets for Fox Spirit.

The anthology was the brainchild of Danie Ware (Ecko Rising), who came up with the idea and put it to her Twitter followers. She received an overwhelming response, and this is what she has to say about it :

Sometimes, an idea rolls downhill too quickly for you to keep track of it – and this one didn’t roll, it avalanched from a single, slightly haphazard, tweet.

Social media is an untrustworthy science at best – you can come up with the greatest one-liner in the world, and see if vanish without trace. You can hashtag something to death, plead for RTs – and nothing happens. Or you can throw a ‘what if’ idea out into the darkness and a landslide can rumble… and it seems everyone wants to surf it down the hillside to see where it goes.

From small beginnings, this anthology had over a dozen female SF/F authors signed up within the day, plus offers of editorial and cover art – and I’m really pleased Kristell Ink has picked up the idea and properly formalised it, I’m very excited to see them run with this one!

Stories should be up to 6,000 words, and the driving character or characters don’t have to be female – the anthology is being put together by women, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be about them. When the original tweet went out, the landslide included a lot of men who wanted to help spread the word, and a lot more who wanted to read the finished article.

More than anything, this was about having a bit of fun!

I’m thrilled to be involved in this in any capacity, and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun, so watch this space!