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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, tralalalala!

It’s the time when you get to buy lots of books! Some of which you will sneakily read before you give them to other people *coughnotmecough* Some of which will be for the impressionable minds of nieces and nephews and children and god-children to make sure they grow up Properly, in which case I recommend Huw Powell, Stephanie Burgis, Diana Wynne Jones, and Terry Pratchett’s Tiffany Aching books, all of which I have bought at one time or another to improve said impressionable young minds….

If the minds are older and less impressionable, may I direct you to the fine catalogue of Kristell Ink, purveyors of excellent fantasy and science fiction? Also Angry Robot, and, if you like something a bit more alternative, Wizard’s Tower? (where you can also pick up a copy of Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion should you feel the urge…)

And if you want to buy one of mine and keep Lyra in dog biscuits and squeaky bones for the foreseeable future, you can get them all over the place. You can get them at Amazon, but if you’re not a fan of Amazon you can also get them at:

The Book Depository (which I know is technically Amazon),

Spacewitch (which definitely isn’t, and if you’ve made a Christmas vow to support smaller concerns this is a really good place to buy indie books…)


Barnes and Noble

Forbidden Planet – the ones on the website are signed…

They were available at Foyles, but sadly Foyles tells me they are having a revamp of their website. They are not currently selling books online from a number of small presses, including Kristell Ink and Wizard’s Tower, so if you want any books from those publishers in time for Christmas you might have to try one of the alternative venues listed above. Hopefully the site will be revamped and they will be carrying their full stock soon.

Happy Shopping!