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Heads up! Those nice people at Grimbold books have a pre-Christmas treat for you.

Both “Dollywagglers” by Frances Kay, and “The Book of Prophecy” by Steven J Guscott are FREE on Kindle from Amazon UK (and possibly other Amazons 😉 ) at the moment, if you’d care to grab a copy.

“Dollywagglers” is the first novel from Grimbold’s Dark Fantasy imprint Tenebris, and it’s deliciously creepy. If you’re unnerved by puppets this will send a shiver right through you…

Dollywagglers cover

‘At the order to fire, they fired. Real bullets, it would seem. The politicians crumpled, twitched, and sagged to the ground, in a manner familiar to devotees of leftwing arthouse movies. Then the eyes of the squad turned towards me.’
After the plague, most of us are dead, and some of the survivors aren’t behaving very well. But we can still have a laugh, can’t we? Letting go is for softies. I’m alone – delightfully and comfortably alone. I don’t do crying…
That’s the wonky philosophy of Billie, a dollywaggler on a far from sentimental journey. The Eppie – a worldwide flu pandemic – has left London with nothing but a few beastly survivors with appallingly unwholesome habits. Watch out for Rodney; he is particularly nasty. Oh, and don’t try to escape the madness by fleeing to the country – things may be even worse out there. Besides, a greater intelligence is planning to identify and control the living remnants nationwide, as order begins to be restored. It’s time to find out who the real dollywagglers are.



“The Book of Prophecy”, Steven J Guscott’s first novel from Kristell Ink, takes fantasy tropes and gives them an exciting new spin.

BoP Cover

No one in this quiet world knows what ignited the change; no one suspects that it all began with a secret book…

Living among the innocent, in a society that has blossomed under seven centuries of tranquility, Dragatu expects to live out his days following the same path as his father before him, without even the smallest challenge to lift the monotony. But when he and his brothers are granted incredible mythical powers, every skill they possess is put to the test. Their actions will determine the fate of their people. What has been passed on in trust threatens to tear the brothers apart.

Honour, love, power; all are at stake, and with them the only hope for a return to peace.


This is a great not-to-be-missed offer to pick up some fantasy that might be new to you and give it a whirl, and it won’t cost you a penny!