It’s the New Year, which is the best time for crunching those old numbers.

In 2014 I read 66 books – my target was 65. In 2013 I read 62.

Of those 66 books, I gave 8 Five Stars on Goodreads. Only one of these was a re-read ( Dogsbody by Diana Wynne Jones). The other seven were new reads. Those 7 were :

Among Others – Jo Walton

The Mystery of Grace – Charles De Lint

Any Other Name – Emma Newman

A Slip of the Keyboard : Collected Non-Fiction – Terry Pratchett

Tigerman – Nick Harkaway

The Copper Promise – Jen Williams

Binary – Stephanie Saulter

I read 36 books by men,  25 books by women, and 5 anthologies.

As a pie chart, that looks like this :


And this is how it broke down by genre.

Genre pieChart_jpg(1)

Interesting stuff! 😀