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I confess I was feeling a little despondent this morning. I’m coming out of a really horrible cold that I’ve had since Boxing Day, and I haven’t written any fiction for a few days because my head has been entirely stuffed with cotton wool (and snot!). Consequently I was feeling a bit down and sorry for myself, and then a couple of lovely things happened that put the smile back under my shiny red nose…

First of all I had two rather splendid Goodreads reviews, one for Rider and one for Nomad. Never underestimate the life-affirming power of reviews, people! They make writers happy and can cure colds and possibly bring about world peace if you write enough of them*

And then this afternoon the excellent people at Holdfast Magazine, Laurel and Lucy, published an interview with me where I talk about the LGBT aspects of “The Art of Forgetting” duology and what drew me to Fantasy in the first place. I ran into Laurel at FantasyCon 2013 and she asked me if I knew anyone who was writing LGBT fantasy that she could interview. Usually I’m a bit more backward about coming forward, but Laurel is so lovely and the booze was flowing so freely that I fell over myself to volunteer 😉

You can read the interview here :


I hope you enjoy it!

It’s certainly left me feeling more upbeat than I was this morning. And I believe there are still Christmas Tree pretzels in the bread bin that I was too sick to eat, so guess where I’m headed next?





*possibly not…