Alasdair Stuart has posted an excellent, eloquent review of Jen Williams’ “The Copper Promise” over on his blog. Can’t say enough good things about this book, I’ve been recommending it to everyone….

The Man of Words

She’s an amiably violent thief who likes stabbing! He’s a knight thrown out of his order for a crime that wasn’t actually a crime! Their client is a horribly crippled noble planning horrific vengeance! They fight crime!

Jen WilliamsThe Copper Promise didn’t so much arrive as kick the door in and demand to know why it wasn’t already drunk. Wydrin, Sebastian and Frith are one of those central groups that can entertain you just by standing there. Williams has immense fun with them from the start and so do you, making the book feel less like an introduction and more like catching up with old friends. You still get everything you need to figure out the world but it’s presented with such charm and confidence that you just assume, Ford Prefect-like, that you must have been here before.

And that’s the first knife the book has up its…

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