The first anthology from those talented types at North Bristol Writers, North By Southwest, launches officially at the end of the month but it is actually out NOW, and I had the honour and the pleasure of being the editor for a very fine collection of short stories.

NbySW cover


North by Southwest is an anthology of fifteen stories by ten North Bristol Writers.

The stories are original, never before published, inventive, and have a great variety. Here lies the strength of the book, showcasing as it does the work of the writers after a year or so of collaboration.

Bristol is a vibrant, creative city and the tales here are infused with that energy. Bristol has had such a great effect on transport through the ages – it’s an aeroplane city, a railway city and a port city – so naturally those themes recur, as does the theme of “North.”

Join us for an eclectic and unlikely series of journeys through landscape and story.

Join The Noon Train (by Roz Clarke), or a Tragedy on Concorde (by Margaret Carruthers), walk from Portishead to Bristol in Latitude (by Pete Sutton), join John Cabot as he sails from Bristol in search of new lands in Fisher of Men (by Justin Newland) or just sit back and let Desiree Fischer’s Taxi Driver take you where you need to go. If those forms of travel are too dull then strap in to John Hawkes-Reed’s war elephants in Miss Butler and the Industrial Automation Group or journey Like Giants with Kevlin Henney.

Explore new visions of Bristol in House Blood and Lye Close (by Ian Millsted), Bristol Pound (by Jemma Milburn) or Christmas Steps (by Pete Sutton).

Or indulge in a bit of darkness in Gardening Leave, Uncle Lucas and The Top of the Hill (by Clare Dornan) and Hater (by Pete Sutton).

All the stories in the collection are accompanied by their own illustration by Bristol artist C M Hutt.

“A collection of splendid fiction”

Jonathan L Howard.

Signing 100 books! - photo by Pete Sutton

Signing 100 books! – photo by Pete Sutton


You can buy it from Tangent Books in Bristol

Or from AMAZON

The book will also be on sale in Forbidden Planet.

More purchase links as I get them!