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To cheer us all up a bit, Kristell Ink are currently offering e-books of Sammy HK Smith’s mythological fantasy In Search of Gods and Heroes absolutely FREE. And even if you choose not to buy from Amazon, you can still pick up a free copy from Smashwords – hurrah!

So if you fancy trying out a debut novel by a very talented writer, editor and lovely person*, please do – it won’t cost you a penny!

Cover art by Raymond Tan

Cover art by Raymond Tan


Buried in the scriptures of Ibea lies a story of rivalry, betrayal, stolen love, and the bitter division of the gods into two factions. This rift forced the lesser deities to pledge their divine loyalty either to the shining Eternal Kingdom or the darkness of the Underworld. When a demon sneaks into the mortal world and murders an innocent girl to get to her sister Chaeli, all pretence of peace between the gods is shattered. For Chaeli is no ordinary mortal, she is a demi-goddess, in hiding for centuries, even from herself. But there are two divine brothers who may have fathered her, and the fate of Ibea rests on the source of her blood. Chaeli embarks on a journey that tests her heart, her courage, and her humanity. Her only guides are a man who died a thousand years ago in the Dragon Wars, a former assassin for the Underworld, and a changeling who prefers the form of a cat. The lives of many others – the hideously scarred Anya and her gaoler; the enigmatic and cruel Captain Kerne; the dissolute Prince Dal; and gentle seer Hana – all become entwined. The gods will once more walk the mortal plane spreading love, luck, disease, and despair as they prepare for the final, inevitable battle. In Search of Gods and Heroes, Book One of Children of Nalowyn, is a true epic of sweeping proportions which becomes progressively darker as the baser side of human nature is explored, the failings and ambitions of the gods is revealed, and lines between sensuality and sadism, love and lust are blurred.

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Go get it!

*There is NO truth in the rumour that the HK in Sammy’s name stands for “Hunter-Killer”. None at all. Honest.