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I realise I am making myself vulnerable here, but if you’ve read ‘Cruelty’, I would love some honest and constructive reviews on Amazon, Goodreads etc.

Constructive reviews help authors realise what works and doesn’t work for their audience and therefore can help the structure of any works that follow.

I realise that I may open myself up to negative stuff, that some people who have bought it may hate it, that it wasn’t their cup of tea etc. but I still welcome constructive criticism from those people. If you’ve bought my book, I want your opinion.

If you’re up for that and you’re not sure how to go about it, some tips from your friendly neighbourhood English teacher:

1. Say why you bought the book
2. What was your overall opinion?
3. What you thought of the overall plot.
4. Favourite/least favourite character or part (without spoilers)
5. If you…

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