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Spark-and-Carousel-Front-Cover-DIGITALYA Steampunk author R B Harkess (White Magic)  has read and been kind enough to review a very early (not fully edited) copy of Spark and Carousel (due September 2015 from Kristell Ink) and said some very nice things about it.

“I like writers who stage several stories in the same universe. Raymond E Feist, Joe Abercrombie, and Iain M Banks come instantly to mind, and now I add Joanne Hall to that list…

…Hall can now firmly lay claim to ‘doing it right’. Her stories are separate enough that they don’t crowd each other, or feel too familiar, but still have a sense of belonging to them…

…I very much devoured this, rather than just read it, and highly recommend it to lovers of fantasy fiction…”

You can find the full review here on R B’s website.

Thank you R B!

Not bad at all for a first review, I’ll take a comparison with Abercrombie as a compliment any day of the week… 😉

If anyone else would like a future review copy please talk to either me or Sammy at Kristell Ink and we might be able to oblige.