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If you’ve been at any UK conventions in the last 18 months it’s likely you will have run into the lovely Mhairi Simpson (editor of Fox Spirit’s Tales of Eve ) play-testing her new creative-thinking card game Be A Bard. Now, after extensive play-testing with and without the aid of alcohol she has decided to take the project a step further and launch it professionally with the backing of Kickstarter. And that’s where you come in.

In Mhairi’s own words :

Be A Bard is the card game that lets you deploy ninjas from a bumblebee and raise the dead – in short, it lets you have fun changing reality, which is what storytelling is all about.

I’m Mhairi Simpson, a storyteller since forever, and I think more people should tell stories. In fact, I think more people want to, they just need some inspiration.

Be A Bard gives you that inspiration. It’s fun, competitive and there’s no reading or writing. It’s also portable, about the size of two normal decks of playing cards, you only need a surface big enough for the draw and discard piles, and you can play the game several different ways. The images are suitable for children from age eight and up, making it the perfect icebreaker or party game for groups of children, teenagers and adults.

I’ll be honest with you, it could help children and teens get interested in reading and writing. It could help develop their imaginations, giving individuals of every stripe an extra tool for achieving their dreams. However, it is definitely a fun game, even if it doesn’t help change anything at all.

Pledge rewards include cards of your own design, personalised t-shirts and journals, and for a select few, a costume tea party at Stapleford Park, just outside Leicester (date tbc).

I’ll go into stretch goals further down the line but I’m already in talks with an app developer to develop a mobile app and online playable version of Be A Bard. Backers of this Kickstarter will be ahead of consumers when the app and online game go live – you’ll be invited to be our first beta testers and will continue to have special access others won’t.

I love this game. It represents everything I believe storytelling should be. Fun, different, more than a little crazy. I really hope you’ll help me bring it into reality.

Love and hugs,

Mhairi (and various and sundry battle giraffes, chickens, tornadoes and zombies) 

About the Designer – that would be me, Mhairi Simpson. In the interests of complete disclosure I’ve never designed a game before, which is why I had to get some education on game mechanics from David Mann, a mild-mannered librarian (yes, seriously) and games master of my acquaintance. Since then, I’ve play tested Be A Bard over dozens of games and it worked every time (my measure for it working is if people laugh and want to play again – on that score, total success).

About the Artist – that would be 90% me and 10% David Tallerman, fantasy/sci-fi author (Giant Thief) and talented artist. I have other artists lined up for the expansion packs so there will be a number of different art styles included in the game as it develops further.

About the Publisher – well, that would be me, too. The cards will be printed by Cartamundi, who also print the Trivial Pursuit and Magic: The Gathering cards. I’m taking care of the admin and logistical side of publishing, though, including liaison with Cartamundi and shipping the decks and other rewards to you. 




You can pledge as little as a pound to help get Mhairi’s dream off to a flying start!