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Good news, everyone!

A slightly revised version of “Candlefire”, which appeared in The Feline Queen has been published in Far Horizons Magazine for their Bumper Birthday issue – Happy Birthday to Far Horizons! And I’m delighted to be sharing a TOC with, among others, David Gullen and my friend Stephen Blake, who was published for the first time in Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion and wasn’t put off writing for life by being edited by me…. 😉

Far Horizons is FREE to read and you can get it here – I hope you enjoy it!

If you enjoy Candlefire and want to read an earlier version, as well as some of my other short stories, you can pick up The Feline Queen in paperback or Ebook from Amazon (for the bargain price of £1.46 this morning – don’t know how long that will last!) and Smashwords.

If you liked Elvienne, she features prominently in Spark and Carousel, which will be out in September from Kristell Ink, so add it to your TBR soon!