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Everyone clasp your hands over your ears while I blow my own trumpet. I don’t usually share Amazon reviews in full on Making Things Up For A Living, but this one is a corker. It is so, so nice when someone absolutely gets what you’re trying to achieve with a book. (It’s even nicer when someone cries, the tears of readers are what give me my unnaturally long life and stop my hair going grey… or something…)

The review is here,

but if you don’t want to follow the link here’s what it says :

Wow. I was blown away by TAOF:Rider and couldn’t wait to read the second installment. I was not disappointed. Hall’s sequel to her coming of age tale is a triumph, a heart wrenching, breaking and warming end to Rhodri’s extraordinary adventure. I won’t summarise the story (no spoilers) but the development of Rhodri the man is as intriguing and as realistic as Rhodri the boy. Faced with new challenges, new moralities and an epic uphill struggle for what is right, Rhodri’s spirit never wavers. Old friends resurface and the new ones are just as interesting and as intriguing as those from the first novel. Rhodri, the lost little boy, finally finds himself and his place in this novel. I adored every moment, cried frequently and cheered out loud on several occasions. A must read series from an exciting and brave fantasy author.

Lyra snorts in derision at the idea of me being “exciting”, by the way, as all this writing eats into valuable walking and fussing time and is very dull, in her opinion….
Thank you for your kind words, Robyn!