So Spark and Carousel has been sent off to Zoe at Kristell Ink for formatting and prep for publication in September (hurray!) and now comes the hard bit (the next hard bit, I should say, after writing and editing…). Being self-effacing and British, I always find it easier to whip up enthusiasm for other people’s stuff than I do for my own.


Indeed. I’m never sure how to balance trying to generate interest for a forthcoming book without turning into That Annoying Person On Twitter, which I don’t want to do. Currently I’m seeking cover quote, ARC reviewers, people who will enthuse and retweet and create a bit of buzz before the book launches at BristolCon on September 26th.

wolvesSo please, I need your help with this. If you’re interested, tell Kristell Ink. Add the book to your Goodreads TBR, let me know if you’re a reviewer and you’d like an early PDF, let me know if you’re looking forward to it, or if you’re planning to come to the launch (there will be wine! and cake! and bombastic intro music!) Sometimes this stage, with the book out of the authors hands but still not coming out for some time, it can feel a little bit like calling into the void and seeing if anyone answers. If I shout, will you shout back?

There will, I’m sure, be giveaways and prizes and cake and general fabulousness between now and then, so please feel free to join in the fun!