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My lovely friend Ellen Croshain has written a candid, and occasionally gigglesome, guide to writing sex scenes on her blog today. She warns you to watch out for sentient genitals too!
I have edited Ellen’s work and she knows what she’s talking about – have a read.
*warning, contains homeopathic amounts of me, but don’t let that put you off…*

Ellen Crosháin Author's Blog


This is my second post in response to E.L.James’ ‘Grey’, though the first one was more of a consideration of the ‘Fifty Shades’ franchise. What actually got the ball rolling on both these posts was this Buzzfeed article which picked out some of the awkward and just odd bits of ‘Grey’ and the sex scenes.

Again, I’m not bashing the author, but for an erotic novel, the sex in ‘Fifty Shades’ isn’t actually all that good. Christian, for someone who is supposed to have been a sub and is a Dom (two roles which require self-discipline and control), has absolutely no restraint and lasts about three thrusts. He is also magically ready to go again in 30 seconds…


Uh-huh, yeah.

So having read the Buzzfeed article, and really getting an extraordinary amount of giggles out of it (his penis is sentient for goodness’ sake!), my morbid curiosity was piqued. Despite…

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