That Sammy Smith, she gets everywhere….


Sammy cover

Hi Sammy and welcome to my home in cyberspace. It is not often the boot is on the other foot so, as my publisher, I am going to have fun learning how you put together your wonderful book. I have enjoyed it immensely and I can see that like Dune and Lord of the Rings, it is one of those books a person can go back and reread time and time again, probably finding a little nuance on each reading. My review is at the end.

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Would you like to tell the readers about you?

Well, I live in the UK with my husband, my 13 cats and 2 dogs…I am a bit of a crazy cat lady, but I make no apologies for it. I work full-time as a detective in the police and specialize in domestic and sexual abuse. It’s thoroughly rewarding and something that is quite close to…

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