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Author Steven J Guscott (The Book of Prophecy – currently only 99p on Kindle!) has left a very nice review of Spark and Carousel on Goodreads : –

Spark and Carousel, by Joanne Hall, is one of the best magically themed fantasy books I’ve read… The style and a little of the content reminded me very much of The Black Magician Trilogy by Trudi Canavan…

The story had every element that grabs my attention: it was very very well written- a perfect balance of technique and plot progression etc, fascinating and well developed characters, a great plot that has original aspects to it, the feeling that you’re in the story, and some dark and creepy aspects to it…”

You can find the full review here on Goodreads. And don’t forget that if you are on Goodreads, Kristell Ink are currently running a giveaway to win a signed paperback of Spark and Carousel, and you can enter here :

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Spark and Carousel by Joanne Hall

Spark and Carousel

by Joanne Hall

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Many thanks to Steven for his kind words!