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Kate Coe, author of Green Sky and Sparks, was a recent guest blogger here at Making Things Up For A Living. She has written a lovely review of Spark and Carousel on her website, Writing And Coe.

She said :

“Jo’s writing is effortless, and the story flows beautifully; I was forced to stop reading Spark-and-Carousel-Front-Cover-DIGITALhalf-way through and was counting the hours until I could start again! This is a fantasy story that has gripping characters, an increasingly enthralling danger, and a wonderful cast and world that makes it a pleasure to read and re-read.”

I’m particularly happy because Kate freely admits that she wasn’t a fan of The Art of Forgetting, but she very much enjoyed Spark – it’s always good to be reminded that just because someone doesn’t like one thing you write, that doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy a different book.

You can find the full review here on Kate’s blog, and don’t forget that if the review entices you, then you can pre-order Spark and Carousel on Amazon, or pick up a copy in person if you’re coming to BristolCon on September 26th.