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PB, 374 pages, Jo Fletcher Books

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Please be aware this review may contain spoilers for all three books in the trilogy, and proceed with caution!

Regeneration coverRegeneration is the final volume in Stephanie Saulter’s ambitious debut (r)Evolution Trilogy. The story takes place eight years after the dramatic events in Binary, which resulted in the imprisonment of the odious Zavcka Klist and the take over of her gemtech company, Bel’Natur, by Gem champion Aryel Morningstar. The waterbreathing gems known as gillungs are about to launch a project that will revolutionise the energy industry, but someone is intent on sabotaging their plans. And Zavcka is out of prison, and intent on regaining everything she has lost. It falls to Gabriel, who was a major character in Gemsigns, who is now a teenager, and has learned to control his telepathic abilities. He must figure out if there is a connection between the saboteurs and Zavcka, before disaster strikes.

This is SF that reads like a thriller, as Saulter as layer upon layer of intrigue involving politics, big business, terrorism, a quest for immortality, and Klist’s ruthless pursuit of her own dark goals, a pursuit that will have consequences for the close-knit Gem community. Klist is the ideal villain, cold, manipulative, beautiful and smart, but even she, at the end, finds a small touch of redemption in the reluctant embrace of Aryel Morningstar, who in many ways holds up a mirror to Klist and forces her to look at herself the way she could have been.

The (r)Evolution trilogy is that rare thing, a series of intricate action-packed near-future SF thrillers that leave you thinking about the themes Saulter addresses long after you’ve read the last page. They are a vital, important addition to the SF canon, and damn-near to being the perfect trilogy. I hope these books will be being read and debated over for a long time to come, and Stephanie Saulter should be very proud of what she’s achieved here.



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