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Featured Image -- 2406Ten days until Bristolcon! Ten days until Spark and Carousel is released to a captive audience! (They’re going to be captive – we’re locking the programme room doors until everyone in the room buys a copy…) Please excuse any forthcoming anxiety wibbles – I am simultaneously excited and terrified and last night I dreamed Lyra had buried all the committee lanyards in a field and I had to find them…

So, here’s FIVE practical things you can do right now, should you feel the urge. While I hide under a duvet and whimper.

  1. Sign up to Bristolcon – advance memberships are still £25, but they close at NOON ON THURSDAY, and after that you’ll have to buy one on the door for £30. And while you’re there check out the programme and sign up for a small group session or workshop – there are still places available but they’re being snapped up fast!
  2. Pre-order Spark and Carousel – if you can’t make the launch at BristolCon, or if you can but you also want a digital copy, head over to Amazon and pre-order Spark and Carousel – pre-order price is only £3.99 on Kindle. If enough people pre-order it will help the book shoot up the rankings on release day!
  3. Enter the Spark and Carousel Goodreads Giveaway – if you end up with two books you can give one to a mate – and add it to your to-read-list. Again, more interest helps visibility, which in turn helps sales. And this one costs nothing but a few minutes of your time.
  4. Vote for The Art of Forgetting : Nomad in the Great Grimdark Magazine Battle-Off – again, this will just take a few minutes and is all about exposure. At the moment Nomad is sitting just inside the top seven, and it’s the top seven that go through to the final, so it’d be really nice if it stays there! These things really do influence sales and help get my writing in front of people who may not have otherwise been aware of it, so please consider voting if you haven’t already (you are only allowed to vote once!)
  5. Leave a review – or a rating, or a comment, on any of my books, on any site (doesn’t have to be Amazon or Goodreads). The effect of reviews is cumulative. It doesn’t have to be a long review, a few words and a star rating is enough if you don’t have the time or the inclination to write an essay. It’s all good, and it all adds up. If you don’t want to review, then talk about the books – if you’ve enjoyed them, tell your friends!

If any of you can do any or some of these things, and you like my writing, then please consider doing them (but don’t feel obliged). Evey little helps, as an evil corporation likes to tell you…