Courageous post from Ren Warom – I self-harmed in my teens and early twenties and it’s a hard thing to recover from, and still very much a taboo subject. It’s important that we speak out, because in that situation a person can feel so desperately alone…

Word Bullets

Today I’m tackling the issue of self harm. I went through a period of self harming that had something to do with being given the wrong medication, something to do with a feeling I needed to externalize my illness to see it legitamized and a long-standing Mexican stand-off with the idea of self harming in order to cope with what goes on inside of me.

I’d toyed with the idea of self harm in my teens. I had a kit in the back of my wardrobe I would go back to every now and then and think about using it. In the end, because I’m a deeply logical person, I was dissuaded by a documentary on a woman whose self harm escalated massively. Seeing her external damage stopped me in my tracks.

I realised then that self harm would only keep working if you did worse, more dangerous harm to…

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