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spark-and-carousel-front-cover-digitalAfter a massively successful launch at BristolCon, Spark and Carousel is officially OUT NOW in ebook and paperback across all platforms, so if you weren’t able to come to BristolCon to get your hands on a copy, then never fear!

We sold 58 copies of Spark and Carousel at the launch, and a bunch of Riders and Nomads too, and altogether Grimbold had a very successful day. I’m helping to man the stall at Fantasycon (more on that in a later post), so we’re all hoping of an equally successful weekend, culminating in the release of Steven J Poore’s Heir To The North, which is a fabulous book that you should be pre-ordering right now….

If you have yet to get your copy of Spark and Carousel, and you’re in Bristol, then Forbidden Planet on the Triangle have a number of signed copies, and they or any other reputable book store will be able to order you in a copy if you want one.

The ISBN for Spark and Carousel is 978-1-909845-80-0 – just take that number into your local bookstore and they should be able to order it more easily.

AMAZON LINKS – If you’re someone who likes to shop at Amazon (some do, some don’t!) them Amazon Uk have copies of Spark and Carousel here, (currently the book is sitting in the top 200 on Kindle in all three listed categories, thanks to pre-orders!) and Amazon.Com have them here. Other national Amazons will also have copies – if you’re outside the UK or the US and you have any trouble getting hold of them give me a shout.

You can also pick up a copy at THE BOOK DEPOSITORY, and I will add other stores as the book comes into stock.


The Goodreads page for Spark and Carousel can be found here – go give it some rating and review love! Even reviewing the older books is good and beneficial, so please consider leaving a few words…

More links as and when I get them!