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aof2coverSo, as you’ll know if you’ve been paying close attention to making Things Up For a Living over the last few months, Grimdark Magazine have been running an international competition to find the very best fantasy battle in the small press. The initial stages of the competition were voted for by the public, and I was unbelievably thrilled and stoked when The Art of Forgetting : Nomad squeaked into the top seven on the strength of public voting.

The next round of voting was judged by a panel of professional authors including Richard Ford ( Steelhaven ) and Black Library author Graham McNeill, and I’m delighted to be able to tell you that I ONLY WENT AND BLOODY WON THE BLOODY THING!

*Snoopy dances forever*


The top seven finalists were :

  1. The Art Of Forgetting : Nomad – Joanne Hall
  2. Theos Kthonios – Scott Oden
  3. Fae : The Realm of Twilight – Graham Austin-King
  4. An Altered Fate : Echoes of Imara – Claire Frank
  5. Lords of Dysgracia – Seth Lindberg
  6. Seven Undying – Kassan Warrad
  7. Eternal War : Armies of Saints – Livio Gambarini

Congratulations to all the winners – apparently it was a very close-run thing and having read the extracts all these books are definitely worth checking out – support the small press!

Thanks very much to Adrian at Grimdark Magazine for organising an excellent competition – hopefully this might become an annual event!