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Today finds me a little zonked from having to get up at 5.40 yesterday for my reading at Sanctum at eight, along with a few other North Bristol Writers. There are pictures in my phone – I will upload them and blog about it when I am a little more compos mentis. Myfanwy and I went for coffee afterwards and were recognised and praised by a couple of fellow early-morning drinkers, so that was lovely.

The reason I’m blogging and not doing something more sensible like sleeping, or reading, is because we’re on that slippery slope towards Christmas now and I wanted to set myself some goals and possibly nudge you for a little favour, if you’re feeling so inclined. It being almost the season of goodwill and all that.


  1. I would like more hits on Making Things Up For A Living that last year. Ideally I’d like to reach 8000 hits for the year. At the moment I need about 800  100 hits to level with last year, which is just about do-able.
    DONE – as of this morning (Dec 22nd) the blog has had 8009 hits this year.
  2. For the Increasing Discoverability Challenge – I’m actually reading the last of the twelve books I needed to hit the target, so that can almost be ticked off (yay!)
  3. Finish the first draft of Islespeaker – done! Did this a few days ago – had a few days of taking it easy. Tomorrow I start a big editing project for Kristell Ink which I’m looking forward to immensely, as it involves working with one of my favourite people.
  4. Read 60 books this year – currently I’ve read 51 but I’ve got three on the go right now – my plan for the afternoon is to make a dent in this!
  5. Get 200 Ratings on Goodreads – DONE! Thanks everyone! But more ratings are always good, so please, if you’ve read any of my books or any anthologies I’ve edited or been involved in, could you consider leaving a star rating? You can leave a review if you like (reviews are love, after all) but if you don’t feel like writing a review a star rating would be brilliant. Stars are, after all, a very Christmassy thing…

Crimbo stars

What are your goals for the year? Are you getting close to achieving them?