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I’m very happy to be able to announce that I have been taken on by Kristell Ink as an Aquisitions Editor. This means I get to have a say in what we publish over the next few years – hurray!


It’s very exciting and a really great opportunity, and I’m really looking forward to finding some brilliant manuscripts and seeing them published in the future. Thanks to Sammy for offering me the opportunity!

Kristell Ink will have an Open Submissions period starting on Feb 1st and running until the end of April. We are looking for :

“…novels in the science fiction and fantasy genres (and all related sub-genres). Maximum word count of 130k. There is some ‘wiggle room’ of 10%, but your manuscript needs to be polished and exceptional.


Urban Fantasy – make it original, please. No Dresden Files clones. Strong characters, rich stories, and twists and turns galore!

Science Fiction – all forms, but a good space opera makes us feel warm and fuzzy…

Epic Fantasy – hero(ine) focused quest novels considered, but don’t be boring and cliched. Give us something new.

Grimbold Books is committed to bringing diverse and inclusive works to the market. LBGTQA, disabilities and people/characters of colour warmly welcomed and encouraged.

All styles will be considered, but please ensure that your work has been thoroughly proofread and is as error-free as possible. Formatting and submission guidelines are below.


Tell us about yourself: any writing credits, hobbies, passions etc. We want to know about you as well as your work!

A one to two page synopsis. Please don’t leave anything out. This should be ‘walk-through’ of your novel and is not a blurb like you would see on the book jacket.

1.5 or double spaced with a size 11/12 easy to read font such as TNR or a sans-serif

First 10k or 30 pages ONLY. If we like the work, we’ll ask for more.

We aim to respond within 8 weeks, however please do be patient.”

So if you have something that might suit start prepping it now!

#protip – Have a look at my Goodreads to see the things I’ve enjoyed recently, and also the things I haven’t… 😉