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PB, 396 pages, Angry Robot

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Please be aware this review may contain spoilers for all three books in the Split Worlds series.

All is fair

Cover by Sarah J Coleman

“All Is Fair” is the third, but not final, volume in Emma Newman’s delightful Split Worlds series. Cathy is now grudgingly married to William Iris and trying to get a handle on her new and unexpected position as Duchess of Londinium, while still fighting to bring about a change in the stifling Society of the Nether. Sam is dealing with some very unexpected fallout from his recent bereavement, while Max and the gargoyle are dragged into a war between two powerful and manipulative sorcerers

It’s hard to say a great deal about “All Is Fair” without giving away heaps of spoilers, so closely woven are the destinies of the three worlds and the plot Emma Newman has carefully threaded. Giving away one strand could make the whole thing fall apart, and the last thing I want to do is spoil the fun you will get from trying to stay one jump ahead of the protagonists. So I won’t say too much. If you haven’t ventured into the Split Worlds before then start with Book One, “Between Two Thorns” – it’s no good coming on board at this point – you need to read them from the beginning, and in the right order, or you’ll be lost.

If you have enjoyed the series so far you don’t need me to recommend “All Is Fair”, but I will tell you that Sam finally gets a moment to shine, and some of Cathy’s actions as she grows in confidence will have you punching the air and cheering her on, especially when she manages to deliver a satisfying bloody nose to the reprehensible Agency.

If you like intrigue, the fae, elegant regency romance, feminist arse-kicking, and tea and scones in their proper order, then you should dive into the Split Worlds forthwith….

Emma has recently revealed the fabulous news that there will be at least two more books published in the Split Worlds series, and they will be published by US based Diversion book in August 2016 and 2017 respectively – hurrah!