PB, 75 pages, Kristell Ink

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This novella picks up on story of Eimhir, one of thSilent Helme most endearing characters to appear in Joel Cornah’s The Sea Stone Sword and follows her adventures after the end of that book (no, I’m not telling you what happens at the end. Go and read it. It’s good). Eimhir is struggling with her own past, and with her conflicted feelings for Kenna Iron-Helm, who still holds powerful sway over her life. When she rescues a draig, one of a race of winged fire-breathers, from a pterosaur attack on a sinking pirate ship, she is forced to face up to her past and make some harsh descisions about where her future lies.

We learn more about the draigs here, about their reverence for their destroyed past, their strict society and the rebellious elements within it. And we learn a little more about the enigmatic Eimhar, her inner conflict, and the reasons behind some of her descisions in The Sea Stone Sword.

I can’t say too much without piling on the spoilers for The Sea Stone Sword, but I will say that if you enjoyed that book this is an excellent addition to the canon, filling in some gaps and fleshing out the silent Eimhir and the conservative Draig society. Read The Sea Stone Sword, and then read this to keep yourself going until the release of The Sky Slayer some time in 2016.