I’m not feeling well, so this may be a somewhat truncated reading stats post.

In 2015 I read 60 books – bang on target. In 2014 I read 66.

Of those 60 books, I gave 6 Five Stars on Goodreads. They were all brand new reads – no five-star rereads this year! Those 6 were :

Nation – Terry Pratchett

As You Wish – Cary Elwes

Macaque Attack – Gareth L Powell

Assassinated Beauty – Photographs of Manic Street Preachers by Kevin Cummins

Guns of The Dawn – Adrian Tchaikovsky

Regeneration – Stephanie Saulter

(If you’re wonding why Jen Williams The Iron Ghost isn’st on the list, so was I and apparently I read it in 2014…)

I read 18 books by women,  40 books by men, and 2 anthologies – that’s a little disappointing as I was hoping for more of a 50/50 split. Must Try Harder!