Another glowing review for Jen Williams “Silver Tide”, this one from Jet Black Ink…

Title: The Silver Tide (The Copper Cat #3)
Author: Jen Williams
Publisher: Headline
Release Date: 25th February 2016
Rating: ★★★★★

25863014Jen Williams is at it again. She’s only gone and—yet again—written an utterly perfect book, hasn’t she? It’s no secret how much I love the Copper Cat books (see? And I told you so), but finishing a series is always where things get a little trickier. How will it end? Will she nail it? What if it’s not as good as the others and I’m left with a gaping void with no more Wydrin to fill it?

All very good questions.

Thankfully, being the absolutely stellar author she is, Williams brought the stories of the Black Feather Three to an end with all the deft skill of someone who can’t possibly be just about to launch the final book of her first trilogy. Impossible. There must be…

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